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I'm Scared...Hold Me

What am I doing, you ask? I am taking the plunge into the writing world...again. :) This time around I am more prepared and have gotten farther than I have in the past. It helps when I have wonderful friends and experienced authors helping me along the way.

I have a couple books in the works, at the moment. My first one will be a novella with another author. Figured that would be a good way to get me used to writing. It's going to be a paranormal romance. The book I've been working on for a few months is a historical romance set just after the Civil War in America. It's going SLOW, but I am chugging along.

I was toying around with the idea of using a pen name, but decided against it and will be using my first and middle name to keep it simple. So look for future titles from Crystal Leigh coming later this year!


Hello readers!

I wanted to come in here and give a short update. After much playing and writing, I put my historical romance on the back burner for the time being. Instead, I am writing a paranormal romance and am loving it so far!

Previously, as I stated above, I wasn't going to use a pen name, but decided I will use one so I can keep it separate from all of my personal stuff. That way I can keep everything professional. I will reveal at a later date what I have chosen. I have fallen in love with it and can't wait to let you know. So keep checking in!

And I wanted to say that I appreciate every reader of my blog who has stuck around for all these years. This blog will be around for seven years this coming September. WOW! I can't believe I've had it this long.

I know I don't post a lot anymore, but I am still hanging in the background, doing my own thing and still love the romance book community. Y'all can never get rid of me!! 

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