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Do I have your attention with my page title?


I design book covers and various graphics for authors.

Below are some samples of custom book covers are below, and is not the only ones I've completed.


Currently, I am running an end of summer special* for custom covers. Usually I charge $120 for each cover, but I have them on sale for $80 each! Such a great deal! If interested in this deal, shoot me an email (listed below) with the subject line "Custom Book Inquiry" and we can start the process. Feel free to travel over to my Facebook album that has more completed custom covers for you to check out.

*Last day of the summer sale is Labor Day.

As an additional service I like to add are pre-made book covers. They are more affordable than custom covers, so make sure you head over to my Facebook album to check out the covers up for grabs right now.

If you have any additional questions or inquiries, please email me at

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All My Tomorrows by Kathryn C. Kelly
2 / 10

Captivated by Kathryn C. Kelly
3 / 10

Clueless by Tonya Brooks
4 / 10

Desperate by Tonya Brooks
5 / 10

Dirty Boy by Kathryn C. Kelly
6 / 10

Dirty Lies by Kathryn C. Kelly
7 / 10

Dirty Mind by Kathryn C. Kelly
8 / 10

Don't Let Go by Sydney Somers
9 / 10

Enslaved by Sydney Somers
10 / 10

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