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Review Policy

I love, love, love getting lost in the pages of a good book. I started my reading obsession with paranormal romance (special thanks to the woman who birthed me, AKA Mommy). That book started my passion of romance novels. It got worse after my mother gave me a Kindle for Christmas later that year. She created an animal!

Past years I have reviewed a TON of free books I have received, but this past year life got in the way and my love of blogging waned. I cut back on the books that I review from other sources and read books I've either purchased or re-reading some previous series to play catch-up. I am still open to taking reviews if one catches my eye. All books, regardless of how it came to be in my possession, will always be given honest reviews. Below you will find the rating scale I use for my reviews.

Book Rating:

Absolutely, Positively, Loved It! Must Read!
Great Book!
Decent. Solid Read.
What the hell did I just read?
No. Just...NO.

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