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#Review COMPLETELY YOURS (Opposites Attract #1)by @ErinNicholas #ContemporaryRomance #Opposites #NewRelease

Guess what was released yesterday!? That's right...another Erin Nicholas book! My favorite kind of book! ;)

Erin comes to us with a brand new series featuring cocky (in all the right ways), sweet, and sexy EMT, Zach, who encounters a call for a building that collapses on a convention in progress. He quickly figures out it's one of those conventions where people dress oddly as different characters. What Zach didn't expect was to encounter a gorgeous woman that instantly captures his interest, and keeps it.

Okay, so I got the little descriptor out of the way. Now onto the gushing. Anyone who knows me, knows Erin is one of my absolute favorite authors. At this point, I know I will enjoy all her books, but with this one, it is the front runner in her vast span of books. Usually it's the male lead that will capture my heart, but this go round it was Kiera. My goodness I never wanted to befriend a heroine as much as I did her. She was the most charming creature with her introvert tendencies to the max and her love of the gaming world. I love women who don't fit the norm of society. She was such a breathe of fresh air and so endearing.

Zach, no joke, was battling for a the number 1 spot of my favorite Erin Nicholas book boyfriends (which is currently Tucker. *sigh*). He was soooooo close to taking over, but I am happy to say he has clenched the number 2 spot. No one writes EMT's like Erin does, and Zach is no exception. Handsome, charismatic, and all around good guy, there is much not to love. I always enjoy when I get to see a male lead knocked off kilter because of a woman. Seriously. I get a warm spot in the center of my soul watching them squirm :) Kiera pushed him so far out of his comfort zone I'm surprised he still knew his name. He knew there was an undeniable pull towards her that he didn't want to veer from, and he got the added bonus of Kiera also having an instant connection with his sister, whom he had been concerned about for some time. I ate up the time Zach and Kiera spent together.

This book was everything and more. No one writes a contemporary romance like Queen Erin. She will always have a permanent fan in me.

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