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Quickie #Review: HANG TOUGH (Blacktop Cowboys #8) by @loreleijames #Cowboys #Sexy


It's been FOREVER since there was another Blacktop book. Well, not exactly a year since there has been novellas, but a year for a full-length novel! I can be satisfied for a while, now.

All right. So we have met Tobin in previous books. He was always a sweetheart, but we get to see another side of him...a hot alpha side. And I loved every minute of it! Ms. James knows how to write a sexy alpha.

Jade was a refreshing heroine. I'm so used to reading women leads that are so headstrong and alpha in their own right that it was nice reading one that is more on the meek and mild side of the coin. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her better.

And can we talk about the Mud Lilies for a quick second? I liked how in previous books we got to see a little of them here or there, but I liked that we got to see more of them. Of course at one part of the book I wanted to kind of shake them because of something they did to Jade, but I couldn't stay mad at them long. All of those ladies are such a breath of fresh air!

I hope there is another book in this series. I can never get enough of Ms. James' cowboys! No one writes them like she does!

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