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#Review: WICKED RIVALS (The League of Rogues #4) by Lauren Smith @LSmithAuthor #HistoricalRomance


Can I say how much I look forward to a new book by Lauren Smith? Yes? Cool. I have a soft spot for this series. It's the one that got me into reading historical.  I was very excited to read Ashton's book.

I want to get this out of the way. I love Ashton in the previous books. He seemed like he had his head on straight. The beginning of this book, though? Good lord did I want to throttle him because of what he did to Rosalind! BUT, he did come back and redeem himself in my eyes very quickly, which is good because I'd hate to not like him! I loved reading his journey into discovering that, yes, he can have a happily ever after just like his friends. And with a woman who lights his blood on fire.

Roalind's strong character had me feeling a girl crush something fierce for her. Despite her past with her father, she became a woman who knows her worth and won't be forced into anyone else's idea of what she should be. I always enjoy a strong female lead, and Rosalind hits the mark here.

I enjoyed all aspects of this story (except your asshattery at the beginning, Ashton. *points an accusing finger in his face...*). I am always amazed at the world Ms. Smith has created and can only wish that there were people like this back in the day.

I look forward to more books to come in this series. I've got my eye on Jonathan. He has my interest piqued with his storyline. I loved seeing more of him and Charles in this one.

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