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#Review: WAITIN' ON A HERO by Sydney Somers #Vigilante #SexyHero


I just love Sydney Somers writing. It's so wonderful. It keeps me engaged and devouring the book. I mean, have you read her Pendragon Gargoyles series?? I blew through them very quickly, they are that good!

Okay. Now that I've gone on a little rant, let's carry on to the review. :)

I can say I have never read a book with the trope of the hero being a vigilante or super hero with a super power like in comic books. For this alone, I knew the book was going to be good. Finley was great to read, but she was out-shown by Trace. I mean, who can beat out a FREAKING SUPER HOT VIGILANTE?? Some scenes were lighting up my kindle with the sparks flying between the characters. I enjoyed the depth we were able to see in the two. It added a wonderful nugget to the story.

My only complaint is that I wish it was slightly longer. Of course, I can also see if I beg her enough she'll cave and write another book, turning this into a series! *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*

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