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#Review: FINDING CHRIS EVANS: The 9-1-1 Series by Erin Nicholas


What time is it? Time for another Erin Nicholas review! :)

This book is a short, but good one.  Now, the premise of this whole series is one woman, Ellie, was told by a fortune teller that she will find her true love whose name is Chris Evans...and there are six of them!

In comes our first Chris Evans. Ellie quickly figures out he's not the one for her. So the story takes over with him and Brittney. Can I say how much I loved Britt? She was such a free spirit and I loved how she loosened Chris up. He seemed a little high strung.

The chemistry was popping from these two. After Britt hurt herself, I liked how Chris immediately stepped up and offered to help. He may be the strong silent type, at least to her when he wasn't lecturing her, but he has this incredibly sweet side. And Britt? I could see her being one of my good friends. Erin has this way with writing female characters that you will instantaneously love!

I cannot wait to read the rest in this series. If it's anything like this one and the prequel, they will be fantastic!

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