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Quickie #Review: JUST ONE WEEK by Alice Gaines @entangledpub #ContemporaryRomance


When I was offered a chance to review Just One Week, I saw that pretty cover, read the blurb (for once in my life), and thought it was something I'd enjoy.

The beginning had a lot going for it. I was immediately sucked into the story. Although it was an all around enjoyable read, there were some things in it that made it seem like the author should have been writing a different age group for the hero and heroine. As an example, I don't know many 30 year olds who actually wear robes, including this 30 year old.

Even with a few blips in the story, I enjoyed it enough for it to keep my attention and wanting to know how the story ended. And Alex started off as a strong Alpha, but he calmed into a sweetheart with insecurities that had me feeling for him. I was, also, quite intrigued by Chase and Liane. I am looking forward to reading their book in the future.

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