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#Review: Twisted Up (Taking Chances #1) by @ErinNicholas #Montlake #ContemporaryRomance

reviewAnyone who knows me knows Erin Nicholas is one of my favorite authors, so I was stoked when I was able to read Twisted Up early. What I wasn't anticipating was the heart-pounding suspense factor thrown in.

Erin mixed up her normally suspense-free books with some weather. Yes. Suspenseful weather. At least to me. I am terrified of tornadoes, so I was having some minor panicking going on for the characters caught up in the twister. I loved every minutes of the dread. :)

Avery was a wonderful heroine. A strong leader with a strong need to help people, which is how she came into the positions she did. Focused on her work and her friends. The only thing that trips her up is Jake. It's hard to let go of someone who was your first, pretty much, everything.

Jake left for the Army National Guard and became a known leader in disaster recovery. Important guy to a lot of people. Just as Jake is Avery's weakness, Avery is Jake's weakness. He can't help himself whenever he's back in town and sees her. Although Jake had a spot or two where he was not a "perfect" gentleman (Find me one who is.) I enjoyed his character. I could tell that he had strong feelings for Avery and had finally woken up to the fact that he wanted more from her, and from life. It was so nice!

The secondary characters are such a great addition to the story. I hate when stories have so-so background characters. It brings the story down. The additions in this story (and the ones who will be getting their own in this series) helped add an additional layer of enjoyment to this tale.

Such a wonderful book that had me turning the virtual pages on my kindle at the speed of light. I cannot wait to read the next in this series! Let the countdown begin!

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