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Quickie #Review: Dylan's Redemption (The McBrides #3) by Jennifer Ryan @JenRyan_author


To be completely honest, I read this book a few years ago and never wrote a review for the publisher. Bad Crystal! So I figured I'd do a quickie review of what I do remember of the book and my feelings. And as a side note, this book was the start of me devouring all of Jennifer Ryan's books she's released.

Jessie and Dylan had a thing 8 years ago. One night led to something else that turned into an emotional roller coaster. But let's back up a little for more of a backstory. After Jessie and Dylan had their night of bow-chicka-wow-wow, Dylan kind of ignored Jessie since he was leaving for the military and nothing really should come up of it. Then Jessie has a crazy incident with her ass of a father and leaves town without a word to anyone. Fast forward and she's back in town.

I really enjoyed the emotional journey between Dylan and Jessie. Jessie was a strong female character who I thoroughly enjoyed. A self-made woman. Dylan was a sexy sheriff with a heart of gold who wanted to do anything he could to win Jessie back. At one point I remember I was even shedding some tears. The bumpy road to their HEA I enjoyed immensely.

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