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#Review: Wild Card (Boys of Fall) by @MariCarr #contemporaryromance #smalltown


I was very much looking forward to Lorelie's story in this series with Erin Nicholas and Cari Quinn. I have enjoyed her through the series. I think out of all the girls in this series, she has been the one I'm most drawn to. I was very happy to see where Mari was going to take Lorelie's relationship with Glen. I wasn't disappointed with the outcome in the least.

Lorelie has been in a weird holding pattern since her dad, Coach Carr himself, had his heart attack. It really affected her, so she worries and hovers and isn't the same person she was in the past. The beginning of the story starts with Coach Carr's party. Lorelie goes to her favorite spot on the ranch to have a breather and finds Glen. They share a moment and you can just feel the instant pull of these two characters. I, myself, was immediately vibing these two. Fast foward a few months later and Glen needs to take some time off and finds himself in Quinn, pretty much there because he can't get Lorelie out of his head and wants to see her. Swoon!

I found this story slightly different from a lot of other romantic reads. There's usually some big conflict that leads to a blowout of some proportion that leads to the characters going separate ways or some other thing. This book doesn't really have that. Yes there are obstacles in their journey, but their courtship was pretty smooth. I found myself immensely enjoying just enjoying them coming together.  I found this was the perfect way to to end Mari's contribution to this series. It's like that one saying-hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave. Hate to see this series end but what a way to see it go.

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