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#Review: FORBIDDEN by Beverly Jenkins #HistoricalRomance

I was on a real historical fix (was getting tired of some so-so books I had read) and came across this title. I immediately was drawn to the fact that it was not the standard white couple in England. It was so refreshing to see a historical book with African American characters AND it was in America. Score! I am a lover of American history. Soak it up like sponge. Next to my romance books are books about the Free Masons and America, pre-revolution. So I was ready to jump in this book and get lost in a world unlike my own.

I loved the history that Ms. Jenkins scattered throughout. There were aspects of that time that I was not aware was done. It added an extra element to the story. It was lovely.  I enjoyed Rhine's character. He has seen many hardships when he was a kid, I was happy that he was not only able to overcome those obstacles, but was able to do something positive with his new liberties.

Eddy was refreshing and enjoyable. I didn't find her personality draining, she was quite the opposite. She had this honest air about her, seemed like she is one of those honest people that you can to for anything. She fully deserved the HEA that she was able to receive.

There were some parts that felt like the pace was on the slower side, but overall, I found the book to be enjoyable and plan on checking out more of Ms. Jenkin's previous books.

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