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[scroll-box]Rafe forced himself to wait ten minutes before he left the restaurant and returned to Newton so he could drive by the motel and make sure the yellow Jeep was safely parked in
the gravel lot.
The last thing he wanted was for Annie to think he was some psycho stalker, but he had to make sure she’d made it back to her room safely.
He told himself it was his natural protective instincts. Any man would be worried about a young female out at night when there was a potential killer on the loose. Especially if the killer was connected to her father.
But in his gut he knew that his driving compulsion was something more.
He just didn’t know what that more was.
Refusing to give in to the impulse to park across the street and keep an eye on her like some creeper, he turned the truck around and headed back to LaClede to pick up a few groceries.
It was a chore that could easily have waited until the next day, but he wasn’t anxious to return to his grandfather’s house.
He’d managed to clear the boxes out of the living room, bathroom, and one bedroom, but it still felt cramped. Claustrophobic. As if his grandfather’s ghost was standing at his shoulder, urging him to leave.
The bastard.
At last he returned to Newton, pulling to a halt in front of the small house built on the very edge of town.
He grimaced at the sagging roof and the wraparound porch that listed to the side. The white paint had peeled away
and the hedges grown to overtake the small front yard. Long ago his grandfather had kept the property in pristine condition, but it’d been years since his health had been good enough to do the work, and he’d been too damned proud to ask for help.
Behind the house the yard stretched to the edge of an empty field, with two large sheds overfilled with boxes. So far he hadn’t done more than glance inside and slam the doors shut.
The mere thought of having to dig through all the crap was enough to make Rafe wish he could toss a match and be done with the problem.
Easy peasy.
Stepping on the porch, he froze as he heard the creak of a floorboard.
Shit. Someone was inside.
Cautiously, Rafe set the bag of groceries on the porch swing and pulled out the gun holstered beneath his sweatshirt. Then, with the silence that came from years of rigid training, he was moving to press himself flat against the front door he hadn’t bothered to lock. Why would he? Not only was the small town the sort of place you left your door open, but he’d be happy as hell if someone wanted to come in and haul off the shit inside.
Now he cursed his lax security.
The last thing he wanted was to have to shoot some yokel who decided to snoop around.
Easing the door open, he had the gun pointed toward the center of the room when a familiar male voice echoed through the darkness.
“You shoot me and I’m going to be pissed,” Teagan drawled. “And my mother will kick your ass.”
“What the hell?”
Shoving the gun back in its holster, Rafe closed the door and flipped the switch on the wall. Instantly the room was filled with a dull yellow glow from the overhead light, revealing the large man dressed in camo pants and a black T-shirt that was stretched across the impressive width of his chest.
Rafe frowned. The last person he expected to be leaning against the crumbling fireplace was Teagan.
“How did you get here?” he demanded.
The computer genius shrugged. “Hauk flew me to Des Moines and I rented a car.”
Rafe glanced out the nearby window. He’d been distracted when he’d pulled up to the house, but there was no way he’d missed a car. “Where is it?”
“I parked at the gas station on the corner.” Teagan gave a dramatic shudder. The man was a freak when it came to cars, devoting his spare time to refurbishing old automobiles and selling them at an enormous profit. “I didn’t want anyone to see me driving the POS.”
Rafe arched a brow. “And you just decided to break into my house?”
“I didn’t want to wander around town terrifying the natives.”
Rafe gave a short laugh at the thought of the large male with his buzz cut and tattoos strolling down the streets of Newton.
He definitely would have caused a panic.
“Good choice,” he said dryly, planting his fists on his hips. “But you wouldn’t have to worry about the natives if you’d stayed in Houston.”
“You asked me to get you info, didn’t you?”
The faux reasonable tone did nothing to ease the spike in Rafe’s temper.
He loved his partners like brothers. He truly did. But sometimes they could be worse than mother hens.
“I didn’t say you had to personally deliver it,” he pointed out. “This might be the boonies, but I do have Internet access.”
The golden eyes narrowed. “You know I always go above and beyond the call of duty.”
“Yeah, and you’re as nosy as an old woman.”
Teagan smiled, smart enough not to try and deny his reason for traveling to Newton. “You can’t blame me for being curious why you’re suddenly interested in a serial killer.”
True. If the positions were reversed, he wouldn’t be able to stay away. Not until he was certain his friend hadn’t lost his mind.
“Where are the files?” he asked. Teagan nodded toward the low, arched doorway across the room. “In the kitchen. Along with a few bottles from your favorite microbrewery.”
“Damn.” The mention of the beer had Rafe instantly on the move. He’d been enduring cheap on-tap beer for the past week. “If you weren’t so ugly I’d kiss you,” he said.
Teagan strolled behind him. “You’re so not my type.”
“Thank God.” Rafe opened the fridge to pull out two beers, using the edge of the counter to pop off the caps. “I’ve seen your type,” he told his friend, handing him one of the bottles.
“Harsh,” Teagan muttered with a smile. They both knew he always chose drop-dead gorgeous females. Then, moving to the center of the cramped room, he tapped the files stacked on the dining table. “Here’s the info on Don White.”
Rafe pulled out a seat, flipping open the top folder and spreading the contents across the table.
“It’s kind of sketchy,” he muttered.
There was a black-and-white mug shot, a dozen newspaper clippings that screamed the headline NEWTON SLAYER, a copy of White’s driver’s license, the mortgage on his farm, and the insurance policy on a silver Taurus.
“Sketchy is the right word,” Teagan growled, gingerly taking a seat across the table.


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I'm sorry to say that I have only read a few Alexandra Ivy titles-mostly her paranormal ones. I was happy to pick this one up for review. I know Ms. Ivy can capture my attention and suck me into her books.

We have Rafe Vargas and Annie White as the main players. I enjoyed their chemistry, but I do have one gripe that I have to voice (which would have made this a 5 star rating for me). Now, this didn't deter my genuine love of this book, but I felt as if Rafe rushed things just a bit. He pretty much told Annie how it was going to be for them in the future. Ms. Ivy writes that Annie has some psychic abilities, but so does Rafe with his gut feelings. That's all fine and dandy, but I feel if Rafe knew in his gut what he felt was going to happen with him and Annie, I think that should have been distinguished a bit more. Because honestly, it didn't dawn on me that he probably felt how it was going to be. Of course, I could have totally missed that part since I'm usually reading around my kids. Other than this little hiccup, I liked how Rafe was protective of Annie and didn't baby her or handle her with kids gloves because of her past in the town. He saw a woman who was worth the time to get to know her and who deserved to be worshiped. I really enjoyed how strong of a character Annie was. She was a good person, despite her truly messed up family. Seriously. They are 50 shades of fucked up!

The storyline, mystery, and action in this book kept me engaged and wanting to figure out what exactly was going on. At one point in the story, I thought a certain character was stalking Annie, but Ms. Ivy threw us for a plot twist and switched up our bad guy out of left field. Well, kind of. There ends up being two, but you'll just have to read to know who I'm talking about. But that plot twist, if I wasn't already sucked into story, I would have gotten whiplash with how quickly I was jerked into it. I honestly love when an author can bring in an element or character that you weren't expecting. Stories where you can predict what's going to happen can be great, but it's so refreshing when I can be surprised. :)

If I wasn't already a fan of Alexandra Ivy, I sure as hell would be one now! Action, sexual chemistry, and mystery-all the perfect elements to a fantastic story!



Author Info

AlexandraALEXANDRA IVY graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She currently lives in Missouri with her extraordinarily patient husband and teenage sons. To stay updated on Alexandra’s Guardian series or to chat with other readers, please visit her website at

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