Hello lovelies! Please bear with me while I make the transition back from WordPress to Blogger. I need to go through and insert images and do some more tweaks.

Did You Miss Me?? I'm done with Blogging Burnout!

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but we have been MIA for most of this year. As much as I love reading, life finally caught up with me and I couldn't even drum up the energy to work my blog. And I really love my blog and have felt so much guilt for not wanting to do more with it. Blogging burnout sucks a lot of ass!

BUT, things that were putting a damper on my outlook on life have changed and a lot has been lifted off my shoulders that was dramatically weighing me down. I have gotten my blog much more organized and I am starting to feel that drive, again, to start working my blog. Some things will be changing though. It will be mostly a review blog like it was when I first started blogging. It makes things so much easier and less stressful on my end. I will be open for promo posts, but they are going to be limited to certain days each week.

I am, also, happy to say that I will be getting back into my graphic designs again. I was previously limited and was not able to do this for most of the beginning of the year, but I don't have those limitations anymore, which makes my creative muse jump for joy! And, in addition to my graphic design, I've decided to offering my services as a virtual assistant to authors. Since I'm already on board with a few authors already, I am only wanting to take on a few additional people, as of right now, but will take on more down the road.

I am so excited for these changes! I feel like after almost 4 years of owning this blog, I've finally gotten myself organized enough to do more with it and start loving it again. I hope y'all stick around to see the changes!


  1. You were missed! I certainly understand the burnout and life getting in the way of blogging. I am very glad to see you back.

  2. Thanks Wendy! I've missed being able to do this more than I was. :)