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Meg's Review of Ty and Eden: A Red Team Wedding Novella (Red Team #4.5) by Elaine Levine

In the latest Red Team Wedding Novella, Elaine Levine gives a delightful story of two people, deeply in love, as they marry. Ty Holt and Eden Miller met under less than storybook circumstances (a bar fight) and fell in love in Shattered Valor, Red Team #2. Here they plan their wedding in a classic storybook fashion, surrounded by friends, teammates and family. Although this is a wedding story, Levine doesn’t let the continuing storyline of the Red Team series lag for a minute - new relationships are built with family members, some just discovered and some discovering a new stage in the parent/child dynamic; some family relationships are revealed for the first time, and more information about the past, involving the shady and nefarious Bladen and perhaps, the mysterious King…

I think this is a wonderful addition to the series - I like a mysterious storyline that I can really sink my teeth into, I love the opportunity to learn more about characters I’ve come to care deeply about, and to see them grow and develop as people - interesting, human men and women striving to do the best they can in their lives. This is a terrific series, each Red Team novel and the wedding novellas (this is the 2nd) reveal layers of the characters and the overall story arc - they do need to be read in order and you will be glad you did.

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