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Review: Return to Glory (Home to Glory #1) by Sara Arden

This is my first book by Sara Arden. I am a sucker for a soldier coming home. Sometimes I've read ones where the person coming home with issues gets over them ASAP. I like the ones, like this one, where there are some deep emotional issues from not just the solider with PTSD, but with their love interest. Horrible to say, I know, but we all love to see a struggle turn out well. And Sara hit it out the park with this one.

Jack is coming home with a bad case of PTSD. Majorly struggling, he pushes everyone away. But Betsy pushes right back. She's had a thing for Jack ever since he saved her life when they were younger. She can't stand by and watch him shut himself down and close in on himself. I loved all the different ways Betsy used to help coax Jack away from the dark corner of his mind. She is a strong willed woman and I see her as a big mamma bear protecting a wounded cub. When Jack would push her away, she'd just push back. It takes a courageous and strong woman to be able to find the courage and backbone to want to help such a broken person.

Jack, even though he was a very deeply, emotionally wounded man, I found to be very magnetic person. It might be the wounded bird thing and me wanting to fix him myself, but the more we got to see of him, the more I found myself drawn to him. I really loved how he placed Betsy on a pedestal like she was this breakable thing to be cherished. It shows the type of man that he is under all the broken pieces.

I really have no words that can describe how much I absolutely loved this book. I was sucked in from the very first word and was very sad when it ended. That is when you know you have an addicting book. I can't wait to read more from this series. I know I am going to love every single one!

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