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Review: Out of Bounds (Boys of Fall) by Erin Nicholas

Anyone that follows this site knows I love me some Erin Nicholas crack...I mean books. I was very excited when I was asked if I wanted to review the books in this series.

Jackson and Annabelle were definitely my favorite out of the Boys of Fall so far. We have some crazy stuff that happened between the two characters in the past that did some damage to Jackson (Of course, what he was doing was pretty taboo...). He always had a bad boy rep, but after this incident, he was taken out of the championship-winning football game that would have defined his career. He moved away from town and straightened out his life, and is doing a lot of good for some disadvantaged boys. After Coach suffers his heart attack and Jackson is asked to come back to Quinn, Texas and help out around the ranch, Jackson figures Quinn is the perfect place to continue giving back to the community. But as small towns go, they don't like change and the unknown. And Jackson knows Annabelle, the same Annabelle who got him in trouble twelve years ago, is the perfect person to show the community he has changed.

I loved sweet Annabelle. I think she is exactly what Jackson needs. Their chemistry was definitely blazing from page one. I think they both helped each other grow more comfortable with themselves just fit. And Jackson, whoo boy! Where can I find me a Jackson? I love strong male characters who know what they are doing.

I loved being able to read about all the other characters, knowing I'll be able to read their stories in the future. The whole dynamic of all the guys in Quinn is great. You can tell the old players still have that unspoken bond that a lot of people envy and want. And the other characters added an additional element to the stories that made it that much more enjoyable!

So in short, go get Erin's Out of Bounds (and the others by Cari Quinn and Mari Carr) now. You will be sucked into the awesomeness these three phenomenal authors create!

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