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Review: Going Long (Boys of Fall) by Cari Quinn

This is the first book by Cari Quinn I've read. I really enjoyed her writing style and the story she told with Charlene and Wade.

I love how all three of these books happen at the same time. Wade won me over instantly with his country charm and with the feels I was getting from him. I know how he was feeling being second best in many aspects of his life. After leaving to pursue his music career, he comes back to help Coach out at his ranch until he is better. He hasn't been back since he planted an unsuspecting kiss on Charlene. Even knowing she and his brother have been divorced for years now, he's unsure about how their reuniting will go. After a rocky start, they pick up the flame that never quite extinguished.

Charlene charmed me with her hard working attitude and wonderful, caring personality. She was a breath of fresh air. You know how in some books when characters get a second chance with a past love and they keep that other person at arm's length? That didn't happen in this book. Charlene knew she wanted Wade and wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. These two were fantastic together. And let me tell you, Cari sure knows how to write a steamy sex scene!

I enjoyed how well Cari's story flowed with the other two. If you don't know, Cari Quinn, Mari Carr, and Erin Nicholas's Boys of Fall books happen all at the same time. I am a bit analytical and I was trying to figure out where everyone was during the different times of the story. Great book and I can't wait to read some more!

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