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ScarlettReader's Review of Return to Glory (Home to Glory #1) by Sara Arden

Wow, Ms. Arden writes with so much emotion that I laughed, cried, and felt my own heart breaking while reading Jack's and Betsy's story. Return to Glory is the first installment of the Home to Glory series and is a sweet, poignant story about hometown hero Jack McConnell coming back from. war with serious injuries and PTSD and sweetheart pastry chef Betsy Lewis trying to move forward after career disappointment.

Jack saved Betsy’s life when they were children so she is determined to save him from the darkness, but Jack doesn’t want her hero worship and pushes her away again and again. Both characters struggle with anger, sadness, and eventually happiness as they ride the rollercoaster of emotions to find their own happiness. This story is an excellent reminder of learning to love yourself before you can really love someone else.

Ms. Arden does an excellent job with her characters’ dialogue so that we can really feel their struggles and enjoy their triumphs. She has also created an outstanding cast of supporting characters that I hope we get to know better in future books. I am very curious about India and what happened in her past. Sara Arden is now on my list of favorite authors!

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