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ScarlettReader's Review of The Best Kind of Trouble (The Hurley Boys #1) by Lauren Dane

The Best Kind of Trouble is the first of The Hurley Boys series though one of the Hurley brothers got his HEA in an earlier book. This book gives us the chance to get to know the other brothers better, especially Paddy.

I liked the beginning and end of this story but was bored with the middle of it. The beginning was great when Paddy recognized Natalie but Natalie acted like she didn’t remember Paddy. I like that she played hard-to-get and made Paddy work for her attention. Through the story, we see Natalie grow and take a chance on love even though she has dealt with an addicted father and grandmother who is constantly putting a guilt trip on her. Even though Paddy learned over time what buttons not to push with Natalie, I didn’t feel Paddy really matured. While he is nice and an adorable man, he seemed too selfish and wrapped up in himself to be a good match for Natalie. There were a couple of times in the story where it seemed he realized his shortcomings and was ready to work at being a better person, but then he reverted back to old habits.

Ms. Dane has an unusual writing style that took some getting used to, but overall I like her writing. Her characters have great voices and she gives them wonderful things to say. Even though I am not a Paddy fan, I really liked what Natalie had to say and how she dealt with her family issues.

I really liked the Hurley family, especially Ezra, and look forward to getting to know the others better in future stories.

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