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ScarlettReader's Review of Winning Love (Love to the Extreme #3) by Abby Niles

Mac Hannon and Gayle Andrews lost so much in separate tornadoes years ago. Mac ran from his loss and has been taking out his grief and anger in cage fighting until his best bud needs his help and Mac heads back to Kansas. Gayle dealt very differently with her loss by learning to live each day to the fullest and now chases and studies tornadoes as a way to save others from the same fate as her loved ones.

Gayle is definitely a force as strong as a tornado and blows into Mac’s life with her brash and in-your-face attitude. For the first time since his wife’s death, Mac’s body reacts to a female and he is at a loss as to how to handle her. While becoming friends and facing their demons, Gayle teaches Mac to live again and ultimately Mac teaches Gayle to trust someone. This is a wonderful story about second chances and facing your fears.

Ms. Niles is a very descriptive writer. She writes in a way that I can picture each scene – the colors, textures, and sounds surrounding the characters. I loved her storm-chasing scenes. While I’ve never chased a tornado, I have seen them from afar since I live in Tornado Alley, and her writing was spot on. I felt like I was right there with Mac and Gayle the whole time. I will definitely read more of her stories!

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