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ScarlettReader's Review of Bring on the Heat (The Boys of Summer #1) by Katie Rose

I really wanted to like this book because I love the mistaken identity stories and I really love sports romances, but I did NOT like this book. I liked Darcy and that she tried over and over to tell the truth of her identity. Even though Chase was mature for his age, he ended up acting like a total douche. I found it totally unbelievable that he jumped to Lydia's bed so easily when he heard Darcy admit her love for him.

And for Darcy to feel so guilty over the mistaken identity when she tried to tell them who she really was just made her look pathetic. She needed to be a stronger character and she should have made Chase work harder to get back in her good graces after ditching her for the real Lydia.

These characters and this plot had so much potential but fell very flat for me.

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