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Tour/Review/Giveaway: The Maverick of Copper Creek (Copper Creek Cowboys #1) by R.C. Ryan


She was looking up into his eyes, her smile wrapping itself around his heart and squeezing. “Thanks for driving me to town. And for helping Vern. Tonight was…special.” She shrugged, looking shy and awkward.
He seemed about to say something. Instead he swore and let his hat drop to the floor, while he dragged her into his arms.
“Why do you have to be so sweet and forgiving? Why can’t you just hate me for leaving you?”
“Hate…” She blinked. “Ash, I tried that. But I realize now I could never hate you.”
His eyes were hot and fierce as he lowered his head. His kiss was so hot, so hungry, it rocked her back on her heels. A kiss that was all fire and flash and sizzle. It drained her even as it filled her. There was nothing tentative or teasing about this. It was bold and possessive. Demanding. And it spoke of a blazing-hot need.
With lungs straining, he lifted his head. For a moment he merely touched a finger to her cheek while he stared into her eyes, as though trying to read her feelings.
Then, muttering an oath, he lowered his head and kissed her again.
This time it was achingly slow and thorough, his mouth whispering over her eyelids, her cheek, the corner of her mouth, until, with a guttural moan, she laced her fingers around his head, clinging to him as her lips found his.
Now it was all heat and frantic need, as each took from the other with a hunger that bordered on desperation, mouths seeking, bodies straining.
His hands were in her hair, though he couldn’t remember how they got there. Hers were raking his back, her nails digging through the fabric of his shirt in a frantic effort to get closer.
He turned her, pressing her against the closed door, his body imprinting itself on hers as he took the kiss deeper, then deeper still, his mouth restlessly seeking what he really wanted. He couldn’t get enough of her.
The quick, jittery charge to their systems had them practically crawling inside each other’s skin. And still it wasn’t enough.
When he took a moment to change the angle of the kiss, his name was torn from her lips in a frantic cry. “Ash!”
At the sound of his name on her lips, he suddenly went very still.
Chests heaving, they stepped a little apart, waiting impatiently for their world to settle.
Was the floor tilting? Was the room spinning? Or was it their heads? Their hearts?
When he could finally catch his breath he managed to whisper, “Sorry.” He shook his head. “Not for that kiss. I’ve had a hunger for that since I first saw you again. But I…almost crossed a line. I guess I let myself forget for a moment that you’ve moved on with your life, Sunshine, and I’m not a part of it anymore.”
When she said nothing, he bent and retrieved his hat.
He left without another word.


ScarlettReader's Review:

I’m not much of an R.C. Ryan fan but was pleasantly surprised with this book. This story is full of sexy cowboys, action packed adventure, and a loveable family who is learning to laugh again after tragedy strikes.
Ash left home years ago after a big blow-up with his father. Not only did he leave his family’s ranch but his anger and pride caused him to lose touch with his family and best friend Brenna and left them wondering where he landed and if he was surviving. It takes his father’s murder for his family to track him down and Ash immediately returns to their fold to help his loved ones through their sadness. Ash is a hard-working, smooth-talking cowboy who is able to get in touch with his emotions. He knows he lost years with his loved ones because of his anger and pride and is determined to make up for lost time. I could feel his unrestrained sadness over losing those years and never being able to apologize to his father.
Brenna is a talented sculptor who is working hard to save her own ranch when her first love returns for his father’s funeral. She realizes she does forgive Ash for his untimely departure all those years ago and still has very strong feelings for him. Ash and Brenna are quickly thrown together when it becomes obvious someone is out to hurt Brenna and Ash wants to protect her.
Ash and Brenna have exploding chemistry and fit together perfectly. I really enjoyed watching them find their way back to each other. The book’s secondary characters have me intrigued. I can’t wait to read more about Griff, Whit, Mad, Willow, and Vern. The characters play off each other well and make for a very interesting family.

Crystal's Review:

I've read another RC Ryan book and enjoyed it and this one was definitely the same. The beginning of the book, we see Ash interacting with his father, and it wasn't good at all. Quite honestly, I thought Ash's dad was a gigantic jerk. I don't blame for Ash leaving for a decade.

Fast forward to present day. Ash is back in Copper Creek because his father was murdered. Throughout the story, we are shown that his father wasn't always a hardass. He's starting to realize this, with the help of Brenna. From the point they see each other again, it's blatant that the connection they had previously is still there and the pull is hard to deny. Once Brenna realizes the jerk she was with was not who she wanted to be, the story really started to take off. Bad things start happening to the couple whenever they are together, which makes everyone think that Ash's father's killer is out to get Ash. Things go from weird coincidences to craziness which had me breezing through the story as fast as I could.

Between the mysteries, twists, and the love story, this book had me glued to the pages. And I loved the secondary characters and after reading the little snippet from the next book, I cannot wait to get my hands on it. The Copper Creek Cowboys is going to be a very enjoyable series.


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