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ScarlettReader's Review of Risky Business (Bomb Squad #1) by Melissa Cutler

Risky Business is the first book in Melissa Cutler’s new series Bomb Squad. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters in this sweet romance.

In this first story, we meet Allison Whitely and Theo Lacroix. Allison’s ex-husband was recently imprisoned for embezzlement and left her with their newborn child, a ton of debt, and Cloud Nine which is a boat rental business. Theo is a member of the Bomb Squad hockey team which is made up of injured military heroes and works at Cloud Nine.

Allison has no job skills but needs to turn Cloud Nine into a success to support herself and her baby but also to help rebuild her confidence since her divorce. Theo does not want to be anyone’s hero and tries to ignore Allison and her need for his guidance in the business, but his feelings for her grow and he can’t stop himself from becoming her knight in shining armor.

Allison is a wonderful match for Theo and throws him for a loop at every turn of their relationship. It was refreshing to see a strong female character learn to stand on her own after so much negativity in her past.

I’m anxious to read the other stories Ms. Cutler is developing around the secondary characters introduced in this book. I think this will be one of her best series yet!

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