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Review: Hard to Hold On To by Laura Kaye

I've read on other Laura Kaye book (which also was another novella) and I really enjoyed it. But, I have to say that this book has me hooked on Ms. Kaye and her books. It can be hard for me to get into novellas because of how short they are, but I got really into Hard To Hold On To.

There were a few factors that I really enjoyed that had me reading late into the night to finish it in one sitting. I am a lover of interracial romance. May have something to do with my own interracial one, but it's very refreshing to see relationships that aren't always two white people. (Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with this either. Just a nice change of the same old thing.) And the biggest thing that had me hooked was the emotion level in this novella. Even though I wasn't familiar with the story-lines or characters from previous books, I felt invested with them. Especially Easy. Oh man, did the feels come out for him! He was such a tortured character who needed a very big pick-me-up. Luckily it came in the form of Jenna, another person who has seen some tough times as of late. The two of them quickly come to rely on each other and are able to start the healing process.

I will be buying the previous books and the rest of the books in this series and will be going back to buy some of her other series. If they are anything like this writing style, I am going to love them!

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