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Tonya's Review of Honor Reclaimed (HORNET #2) by Tonya Burrows

Can the woman who finished breaking a broken man heal him?

Former Lieutenant Seth Harland was a former POW with the physical and emotional scars to prove it. Joining HORNET was his only hope of returning to a semblance of a normal life, his only hope of regaining some measure of his humanity. Unfortunately, the recurring flashbacks and paranoia may get him kicked off of the team before he has the opportunity to find out. When the team takes on a mission to go into Afghanistan to retrieve another POW, in spite of the fact that the thought of returning to that hellhole gives him the shakes, Seth is hell bent on rescuing a fellow soldier.

The last place that Phoebe Leighton would have ever imagined seeing Seth was in Afghanistan. She knew all too well what he had been through as a Taliban prisoner since she had been one of the reporters who had covered the story of the hero's return. One of the sleazy tabloid reporters who had sensationalized his return and tarnished his good name for the sake of a juicy story, that is. The guilt she felt over that mistake had prompted her own visit to the war torn country where she was trying to atone for her sins by bringing to light the horrors the Afghani women were being subjected to.

Seth is drawn to the photojournalist against his will. She's sunlight to his darkness and her mere presence calms his ever present fears. In spite of the fact that he knows she's hiding something from him, she begins to earn his trust.

Phoebe wants to help the former soldier almost as much as she wants him. Yes, he's scarred and damaged, but he's not so broken that he can't have a real life. But if he knew who she really was, the tentative trust he had given her would be shattered. And so would her heart.

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