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ScarlettReader's Review of Her Special Forces by Sophia Roslyn

Sophia Roslyn’s Her Special Forces has a retired Marine helo pilot who suffers from PTSD as the heroine. Reading about PTSD from a female perspective was something new for me so I was really excited about this book. Unfortunately the story let me down.

Kacey O’Donnell is called out of retirement to assist in extracting the kidnapped daughter of a U.S. Senator. Her former lover, ex-Navy SEAL Nathan Weatherly, has just taken a job as deputy sheriff in Kacey’s small town. He and his former SEAL team also help with rescuing the 11-year old girl.

Ms. Roslyn did a good job bringing Kacey and Nathan back together and showing how their relationship grew. I never doubted Nathan’s love for Kacey, but she drove me crazy with her stubbornness and trust issues. It wasn’t until the final three chapters that we finally got the full story of what Kacey went through and why she had those issues. By then I just did not like her character and I couldn’t find any sympathy for her.

The plot of this book had so much potential, but the details just fell flat. The romance scenes were full of details, but the action scenes were choppy and lacking. There were so many secondary characters I wanted to know more about, and I felt like Ms. Roslyn missed a great opportunity to expand on the story by not telling the reader more about those characters.

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