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ScarlettReader's Review of The Geek Billionaire Makeover (a Sexy in Seattle Novel) by Theresa Meyers

The Geek Billionaire Makeover by Theresa Meyers was a light, easy read but too predictable. The geeky billionaire recluse Joshua Martin went to high school with the beautiful image consultant Caroline Parker. Simply stated this is the age-old story of geeky teen boy asked out the popular girl who turned him down and now, years later, he wants another chance with her so he hires her to remake his image for an important business venture.

Caroline’s motivation for working for Joshua is more intense as it involves blackmail and corporate espionage. Mr. X, who is blackmailing Caroline to steal business plans from Joshua, and Joshua’s history with Caroline’s brother Connor are the most interesting parts of the story and we don’t get enough of them.

Joshua’s and Caroline’s attraction to each other is totally believable and hot, but he story could have been much more exciting if Ms. Meyers had focused more on the seedier part of the plot and if we learned more about Joshua’s and Connor’s falling out during college.

I do appreciate that Caroline allowed her sweeter side to take over once she realized she had genuine feelings for Joshua, but a good sub-plot was missed by not delving further into Joshua’s reaction to Caroline telling him about Mr. X and how he set up the blackmailer.

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