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ScarlettReader's Review of Exchange of Fire (SBG #1) by P.A. DePaul

Exchange of Fire is the first in a new series by P.A. DePaul. I’ve read many military romance/suspense stories, and this one is now on my top 10 favorite list! The author went beyond my expectations and wrote an extraordinary story.

Wraith/Sandra is a Black Ops agent who is declared dead and secretly moves on to a new phase of her life. After her last mission went terribly wrong, she fakes her own death in order to retire from the SweetBriar Group.

While adjusting to civilian life and dealing with the guilt of her past, she starts working for former Marine Casper Grady. They dance around their attraction for each other for months when Sandra’s past suddenly catches up with her.

When Sandra reunites with her former team in order to bring down a drug cartel and dirty CEO, Grady learns the truth about her secrets. Grady is torn between protecting his community and business and the woman he loves.

The plot of this book starts fast and never slows down. I could not put this book down! Ms. DePaul did a wonderful job of keeping up the suspense while developing Sandra’s and Grady’s romantic relationship. The natural progression of their relationship added believability to this story.

P.A. DePaul is one of those authors who you know you will love everything else she writes. She gave us just enough of a glimpse of the secondary characters to whet my curiosity. Now I’m anxious to read each of their stories.


  1. I really enjoyed this one too! It was a great start to the series :) Glad to see yall had a good time with it!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH ScarlettReader and Redheads Review It Better! I truly appreciate the time you took from your busy lives to read Exchange of Fire and to write this fabulous review. Humbled and honored. So glad you loved it. :)

  3. Thank you Anna (herding cats & burning soup)! I love that I got to "meet" you through Exchange of Fire. :D