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Review: Whatever It Take (Trust No One #4) by Dixie Lee Brown

** Forgive me. This is a long one but I loved it so much and can't do a short review. :) **

Ever since I read Dixie Lee Brown's previous book, If You Only Knew, I was itching to get my hands on Nate's book. For those of you that know me, I have a slight thing for men in uniform-specifically cops since I have one of my own at home. Oh! And let's not forget the man has one of my FAVORITE cars...a classic Ford Mustang. Loved those cars since I was a kid. (Thank you Daddy!) I would pant after Nate just for his car alone! Lol. Anyway, Ms. Dixie had me really intrigued with Nate and had my wheels turning when it came to Alex. I really couldn't be happier with their book!

We felt the immediate push and pull of Nate and Alex's feelings, sexual energy, intrigue...or whatever it is you want to call what zipped between the two of them in If You Only Knew. I knew the possibilities were endless on where it could go. We find out that some really messed up (when I say messed up, it's more like some serious f-ed up stuff) happened to Alex in the past, so she is slightly awkward at times but she is a force to be reckoned with. Suffering from a serious case of PTSD, (and not the military type we are used to reading which was very refreshing and a nice reminder that not everyone who has PTSD was previously in the military) she has flashbacks and sometimes hears the voice of her tormentor. And if an innocent is in a dangerous situation that they seem to have no way out of, Alex gets crazy least for the bad guys. But under that layer of insecurities and warped sense of right and wrong, she has a giant heart of gold. She fights for the underdog with everything she has. There is no half-way with her. This doesn't happen very often, but I think I was more in love with Alex than with Nate. For her to go through what she did and come out the other side of it with a tainted view of some things but still fighting the good fight, this is one strong chick. I loved everything about her. Everything.

And Nate was pretty much right up there in my character loving. Even without the Mustang boost, he was such a great hero. I'm so used to reading alpha males who can be such giant pricks at times with all their my way or the highway attitude and it gets old real quick when that's all you seem to be reading. I loved that Nate knew when to push Alex and when to let her have the space she needed to feel comfortable. And he completely melted my heart with how open and honest he made his feelings known. That takes a lot of guts and confidence with yourself to do that. There are some heroes that are written like this but we don't see it all that often. I know I'm used to reading the guy who keeps how he's really feeling inside or just lets known a few things but otherwise plays his cards close to his chest. But not Nate. He just seemed that much stronger in my eyes because he wasn't second guessing himself and was still a badass when it came down to it. Sexy, sexy man. Yum!!

The action in the story was really great. At one point I was trying to figure out which bad guy was gun them down (and not in a confusing way but more of a trying to play detective and figure it out sort of way). We had three players vying for that spot. In the end, it was a crazy, crazy situation that had me wanting to punch through the pages to stab one of the bad guys myself. (Yes, him more than the others. Read it and you'll probably know which one I wanted to take down.) And the possibilities of the next book are just screaming that it's going to be a great book. I don't know where I'm going to find the patience to wait for the next one. It's going to be so good!


  1. Ack! I didn't realize this one was out! Or that I was already behind in the series. I read book 2 of it and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the heads up this one was out :)

  2. I had only previously read the third and really liked it. I can't wait for the next one.