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Review: Getting Dirty (Sapphire Falls #3) by Erin Nicholas

And here's another Erin Nicholas book that slammed it out of the park. I was very much looking forward to Lauren and Travis' book. Lauren had me intrigued from the beginning of the series with Getting out of Hand. Her lifestyle was not one for small towns (small towns aren't very good at things out of their comfort the fact that she was bi) but we get to know more and more of her past and see that she actually fits the town, and they even embrace her and try to suck her right in with it's charm. Even if she really, really hates that she loves the town.

And Travis was such a gentleman in Getting Worked Up with Phoebe I just knew I was going to really like this small town guy. Sexy, smart, and kind, Travis was everything a woman could want. Even Lauren admitted he is totally the type of guy she'd fall for. Which was why she thought he was the perfect person to show her everything that she shouldn't like about Sapphire Falls. Silly woman. Lol. She really must have thought she had some iron willpower because if I had Travis all to myself the way she did, my wall of stubborn will would have crumbled within the first five minutes. He's a sexy beast! And a gentleman! Hard to resist that combo.

I would really love to spend just a few hours in Erin's brain. I want to know how she comes up with these addicting reads. She is able to bring these characters to life and make these places seem so real that I want to climb in my car and locate all of these place so I can make those people my best friends. It takes a lot of writing talent to be able to do this in every single one of her books too. Not every author is able to keep you engaged and keep you combing back for more. Erin's my pimp and I'm addicted to her books. If it's wrong, I don't want it to be right!

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