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Review: Midnight Play (The Blue Dynasty #2) - Lisa Marie Perry

Danica is the general manager of the Las Vegas Slayers, which her parents own. Danica had the unfortunate task of firing Dex previously for his possible roll played in a Slayers scandal. Her parents want to offer Dex his spot back on the roster (which is exactly what he wants since he was setup to take the fall) if he gives up names of players involved. Danica sees this for what it is, using Dex, and this doesn't sit well with her. I was happy to see that she didn't just go along with what her parents wanted to do. That, most likely, would have turned me off from her for being weak. And Danica one ups it and tells Dex it's not worth it and offers to help fix his image so he can find another team to play for. And then our characters get to see more of the real person that lies beneath public persona.

I really liked that Danica saw that Dex was wronged and wanted to help. And, of course, who could ignore the walking sex on a stick Dex? And I thought it was kind of cute that Danica is klutzy around Dex but he finds it endearing which was nice. Now I will say I could do without her parents being a bit on the asshole side. They are so worried about image it's quite ridiculous. They have pressured all of their daughters that if you don't display the perfect image, you are doing wrong in their eyes. Parents should just be happy for their children no matter what.

Midnight Play was a enjoyable read and a nice break for the heavier ones I was reading. I'm definitely interested in the third in this series with Martha. I imagine she's going to have to slow down on her parting to make her parents happy. And I'm curious if she's going to snag herself a yummy football player too. :)

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