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Review: Getting Worked Up (Sapphire Falls #2) - Erin Nicholas

JJJJJJOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! (Yep. No backstory. Just going into the review. :) ) I loved Joe. Even more than I love my nerd lover Mason. I was really feeling Joe throughout the book but the more I got to know about him and his past the more I fell head over heels in love! He has some insecurities that weren't the typical that we usually see in the males of our romance world and it just made me go awwwwww and turn to a mush puddle.

If Phoebe was an actual person, she would be in my close group of friends and we would get along so well. I enjoyed her in Getting Out of Hand but I instantly clicked with her in this book. She's in your face, bossy, but is everyone's friend and everyone loves her. But what she doesn't know if that Matt, the guy she's convinced she's supposed to end up with, is Matt has made it clear to every eligible male in Sapphire Falls that Phoebe is his. So she doesn't realize what a catch she is until Joe starts showing her that she is desirable. She has a moment where she's freaking out about not being sexy enough and Joe's there and handles it very well. Seriously, he was so great. I loved him so much! (Yes we are back to that. Lol.) It's funny how these two people thought they were supposed to be with other people-Matt and Nadia, who were actually together-but were made for each other.

And just like what I talked about in the Getting Our Of Hand Review, these two fell in love pretty quickly and I loved it. I think, for these two, if their love story was drawn out, it wouldn't have worked out too well. (Now I will say there was this one part where they weren't together for a period of time but it's still quicker than some relationships take to form.)

We got to see some some more of Lauren and Travis who will be in the next book, Getting Dirty, and I know I will love their challenges that will be thrown their way in their book. I have enjoyed reading Lauren in these past two books and know I am going to like her a lot. :)

And again, there is nothing in this book I would change. I really don't know how Erin does this-writes perfect books to me each and every time. I'm just going to start calling her a magician!

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