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Review: Fast Track (Buchanan-Renard #12) - Julie Garwood

This is the second book of Julie Garwood that I have read. The first book was Hotshot, the eleventh in this series. I actually liked that book more than this one. Don't get me wrong, the plot is great and all but I felt like some things were missing and there was also another issue I had while reading.

Let's start with the good things. The pace was great. I was able to read it at a good pace and was engaged with the plot. The really enjoyed the whole idea of the corrupt congressman thrown into the mix and the other issue with Cordelia and her rotten birth mother. It was a good little twist.

Now the things I found were lacking. The characters were great, except Aiden. Well, he wasn't all horrible. He's definitely an alpha male to the max, but he was stiff and very closed off. I kept waiting for him to open up more to Cordelia but he never did. It was all, do it my way or no way at all. And the whole time, in his head, he says he can't get enough or Cordelia but does he once really show her this other than sex? No, not really. We are women, we like to be shown and told. Even at the end when they "officially" got together, he never really showed that much emotion about it. Again, he was really stiff, and not in a good way.

And the next thing I struggle with was the POV's. I don't mind a writer's writing style when she will do a little skipping around of who's view we are reading, (I prefer when they have their own sections so I don't get confused but am fine if they don't and it's easier to decipher who it is.) but this was all over the place. One line it's Cordelia, next it's Aiden, and then it's someone else. There were times I had to back up a few paragraphs so I could figure out what in the hell was going on. I honestly thing this was my biggest pet peeve with the book. I don't remember it doing this in Hotshot. To me, this was very distracting and took away from getting lost in the story and just being able to enjoy it. In my opinion, if this was structured even a little differently, it would have been more enjoyable. Other than these glitches, it wasn't a horrible book. I did enjoy the secondary characters and I would still give the next book a go.

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