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Pam's Review of Honor Reclaimed (HORNET #2) by Tonya Burrows

Here is another guest reviewer on the blog. Her name is Pam and is great! I asked her to write a little thing to introduce herself. :)

I am a college grad, work full time. I was one of the nerdy folks in high school, stunk at sports, because I loved to stick my nose in a book all the time. I am married, and we have one daughter, who is in her twenties.



HORNET---Hostage Rescue and Negotiation Team---a team of 7 men, all with a specialty. Formed by a businessman, Tucker Quentin. The purpose of the team? Negotiate and rescue what would otherwise be dead people.....The team is comprised of Gabe Bristow, former Navy SEAL, sidelined from his career by a car crash while on R&R; Travis Quinn, a former SEAL sidelined by the same car crash; Jean-Luc Cavalier, ex- CIA, Linguist; Marcus Deangelo, former FBI Negotiator; Eric "Harvard" Physic, ex-CIA, IT specialist; Ian Reinhart, explosive ordnance expert; Jesse Warrick, former Delta Force Medic. The only thing that they are missing is a sniper.......The only one who submitted a resume is Seth Harlan. A broken man.

Seth Harlan is a former Marine Corps Sniper. Caught in the middle of an ambush, most of his team was killed......He was captured, along with 2 of his team. Seth endured captivity at the hands of the Afghan Rebels, enduring torture until he was rescued by a SEAL team. Seth is horribly scarred by his captivity, both emotionally and physically. He has become a person who jumps at shadows, and has full blown PTSD besides.

When Seth was rescued, Phoebe Leighton was a journalist working for one of the tabloids, looking to make a name for herself. Writing under another name, she did an "expose" on the rescued marine, Seth Harlan, twisting and turning the facts of the story to make Seth look like he deserted his teammates, and deserved what happened to him. Phoebe is now in Afghanistan, doing a story on child brides, and the common practice of buying women for wives.

Their two worlds collide again when HORNET decides to take a chance on Seth, and bring him onto the team. There is another Marine in Afghanistan who needs to be rescued. Sgt. Zak Hendricks. Can Seth conquer his past, and rescue one marine, when he lost his team so long ago?

This book is a real page turner. There is action and adventure. There is the PTSD issue of Seth's, and how he deals with his scarring and disfigurement. There is a scene in one of the final chapters that is a surprise, and a real tearjerker. This book is not for the faint of heart, there is a lot of pain and suffering in it. Yet the team is interesting. The way that they adjust to Seth, and ultimately accept him into the team is the path that sets this book apart. Seth himself is an interesting character. He is dealing with his PTSD, and his ghosts, and his guilt at losing his team. Yes, there is the requisite sexual encounters with Phoebe and Seth. This is the second book in the HORNET series. They can be read as stand alone books. But, if you read the first book in the series, SEAL of Honor, you will get a better feel for the dynamics of the team. There are some underlying issues with at least one of the team members, that is brought into play in book one. I look forward to seeing where the author will go with this series.


  1. Oh I loved this one too :) Isn't it fun when the two series collide a little? I don't know why but that always makes me a little giddy. lol

  2. I know I enjoyed this one too. I think I may have liked it more than the first.