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Tour/Review: Scandalize Me (Fifth Avenue Trilogy #2) - Caitlin Crews

Book two in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy had me switching gears from book one. In Avenge Me, even though there was a super hot romance and sexy time, book two is more of a slow build in the sexy time and lighter on the revenge portion. What do I mean by this you ask? Let's backtrack and do a quick intro to our couple.

Hunter is an athlete with a badboy reputation-one that he makes sure everyone knows about. An important tidbit is that Hunter is battling some heavy duty ghosts in his closet. I don't want to say because it spoils a little bit of the first book. But Hunter is hurting like crazy, even ten years after the life changing incident. So he's making it a point to punish himself. And then we have Zoe, a take-no-prisoner PR master. Things from her past have shaped her and she decides now is the time to act, choosing Hunter as her weapon of choice.

We see more growth with the characters than actually seeking their revenge and I found that I rather enjoyed that. I knew the third book was going to be crazy so I thought seeing Hunter and Zoe become closer was great. I will say that what they approached Jason about was great. It completely backed that jackass into a corner. I didn't now I could hate the man even more than I already did. For real, I wanted to beat the crap out of this man.

Check back tomorrow for my review of the last book in the trilogy. :)

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