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Tour/Review: Lady Windermere's Lover (The Wild Quartet #3) - Miranda Neville


I honestly had trouble getting into this story at first. Well more like with the hero, Damian. He marries Cynthia to get back a piece of property that was very important to his mother, but lost in a drunken card game. I know people get carried away but if this was real important to Damian, he wouldn't have risked losing it. And he really did Cynthia wrong on her wedding night and treated her like she was nothing until he traveled for his job. I was seriously hating on him for being such a dick. But alas! It starts to get better.

Ok, now when I say it gets better, it was kind of slow going and I still wanted to chew Damian out for how possessive he was acting towards Cynthia when he hadn't seen her for quite some time. He was not entitled to act that way-even if he is married to him. But we slowly start to see him getting better. I kind of wish he made up for treating her like crap much sooner but it all worked out in the end.

Now there were definitely some twists along the way that threw in a wrench into some plans. And the good thing is it brought the our couple closer to their ultimate reconciliation. I eventually started to like Damian. And I liked Cynthia from the beginning. She was a great character. Even though she was tossed aside at the beginning of her marriage, she grew into a much stronger person before she got a chance to see Damian again. I think if she hadn't developed more of a backbone, Damian would have walked all over her again. And I am definitely interested in the secondary characters. They were really great. This was definitely a solid three kiss rating for me.

Author Info:

MirandaMiranda Neville grew up in England. During her misspent youth she devoured the works of Georgette Heyer, Jean Plaidy, and any other historical novels she could lay hands on. As a result she attended the University of Oxford to study history, ignoring all hints that economics might be a more practical subject. She spent several years writing catalogs of rare books and original letters and manuscripts for Sotheby’s auction house in London and New York. Much of her time in this job was spent reading the personal correspondence of the famous. This confirmed her suspicion that the most interesting thing about history is people.
Since moving to Vermont, she has worked in Special Collections at Dartmouth College and as an editor and journalist on Behind the Times, a small, idiosyncratic (and now defunct) monthly newspaper. She is the owner and editor of a weekly advertiser in the Upper Valley, a job that leaves her enough time to write fiction.
Her first book, Never Resist Temptation. was published by Avon in 2009. The first two books in the Burgundy Club series will be published in 2010.
She lives with her daugher, Becca, a college student and confirmed drama queen, and two cats who are never on the right side of any door. | |


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