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Tour/Review: Expose Me (Fifth Avenue Trilogy #3) - Kate Hewitt

The third and final book in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy had me on the edge. Like seriously. Lol. For those that know me I have panic anxiety and I am also not a fan of things that could embarrass people in public. Guess I'm just overly empathetic? Not sure, anyway, I knew how Jason was going to inevitably be taken down and was nervous for Chelsea. I really liked Chelsea. She was a strong character that had to reinvent herself after some bad stuff from her past. And then Alex, who was probably the closest friend of the woman who they are getting revenge for, wants to swoop in and have Chelsea give up everything she's hidden from. But she knows what the right thing to do is to out him.

This book was a great ending to the trilogy. I was so glad to see Jason taken down. That bastard had it coming in a bad way. Now I will say that even though I liked the book, I still think the first one was the best. And I would really like to see maybe a novella or something to show everyone with their happily ever after. There was so much heartache in all the books, I want to see that they are all happy.

This series was a great, quick read. Makes me want to go pick up some more Harlequin Presents books!

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