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Tour/Review: Avenge Me (Fifth Avenue Trilogy #1) - Maisey Yates

I have to say that out of the three book in this series, this is my favorite. We have Austin Treffen, son of Jason Treffen - attorney and woman's advocate - who receives a letter saying that his father is not what he seems. This takes Austin back to a night ten years ago that ends in tragedy and he starts to think that the letter is the start of something gigantic to come. After some researching his suspicions, Austin decides to play up reconciling with his father at one of the many parties held at his father's law office.

Then in comes Katy Michaels. She knocks Austin straight on his ass. Everything he tries to hide comes to the forefront with her. And when I say things he tries to hide, I mean his kinkier side. He's definitely a dominant male and things become explosive between the two immediately. Things start to speed up at this point, especially when they exchange names (after their round of kinkiness).

I really enjoyed Austin and Katy and all the side characters (who we will see in their own books). I absolutely LOATHED Jason. He deserves every single thing he has coming his way in this book and the upcoming ones. I have really hated people but there was just something about his character that even upon hearing his name before he even came into a scene had me wanting to instantly punch him in the nads. That guy is seriously on a different level of douche. Oh and before I conclude, can we talk about how hot that guy is on the cover in that suit???? Picturing him as Austin, I would definitely be in the same boat as Katy and jumping in his bed asap too. ;)

Check in tomorrow for the review of Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews.


  1. Oh I will so have to try these! I've been eyeing them and thinking they might be a need. :) Are these okay as stand alones or are the stories ongoing?

  2. They can be read alone. I'm glad I could read all three though because I wanted to know what happened to the douche. lol

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