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Tour - Review/Giveaway: Erotic Escapdes Of A Married Couple by Lynda Bailey


It has been quite some time since I've read a threesome. Well, I take that back. I've read a few but they were also shifter stories so they weren't as "believable" as a story like this. (And I am in no way bashing the ones I've read lately. I'm a lover of them all. :) ) I feel for this we need to break down each character briefly and then the story itself.

Let's start with Deana. She sounds like a great mom and sure as hell a beyond stellar wife. She's VERY devoted to Griffin but she feels that something is missing. At least on Griffin's part. Which in turn makes her feel insecure. At first I was thinking, "well aren't we a whiny person?" but then I thought on this more. If that was me and there were no issues in our marriage up until that point and this was happening, I would feel insecure too. But then Deana also feels like something is missing in her life too. *could be considered as a possible spoiler for some people but really shouldn't be a surprise* What is not mentioned in the blurb is that she has many fantasies about being with more than one guy at once. So this plays well with the rest of the story. Deana eventually grew on me a little more than she did at first and was overall happy with her character.

Now we have Griffin. Happily married to Deana for twelve years and enjoys every, sexy, erotic minute of it. But he's finding he wants a little more back door action happening in the bedroom-which of course Deana helps him with. Grif used to bat for the other team when they met so it's not a new thing in their relationship. I feel like Grif doesn't really feel like this is a void that needs to be filled by another person in all honesty. We didn't see much into his way of thinking here until a major scene with Vance a little in the book. I will say, though, at one part of the book I wanted to slap him for being such a dickhead. If you read this you will know what I mean, but thankfully he comes out of it and redeems himself in my eyes. So he came out alright in my book.

And then we have Vance. I portrayed him as this sexy, suave, masculine form of a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. And I thought, of course he swings for the other team. (If we ignore the fact that the blurb says he had a fiance years ago.) I found my heartstrings being tugged whenever I read his POV or he was in a scene. He wants what Grif and Deana want and is willing to move away from them, who are his best friends, and start over. He really felt that was the best option. And then he's thrown for a loop when Grif is on his doorstep offering up a threesome with his wife. Add in a sinfully sexy scene between the men here and I was in full swoon mode. But we see more things that shows how vulnerable Vance is and that he is concerned about the whole situation in general where it pertains to his friends's image. I found him completely lovable and I wanted him for my own. I sure as hell wouldn't have left him at the alter!

I enjoyed this story so much. I know it was shorter read but it honestly didn't feel all too short to me. And that normally doesn't happen when I read novellas. Of course I wish we were able to see more of our characters but it was a shorter read and the things that we weren't shown sort of plays into the storyline itself so it all works out in the end. I would definitely be more than willing to read more of Ms. Bailey's stories!

About the Author:

I’ve always loved stories.  Especially love stories.  Growing up in the Midwest, I’d make up stories to my favorite TV shows – usually westerns.

As I got older, the stories didn’t relent.  In fact, they only got stronger, the characters more insistent, until I had no choice but to put it all on paper.  It’s become an obsession for me.  One that I love.

When not sitting at my computer, I spend my time working as a substitute teacher and fitness instructor.  Guess you could say I’m an equal opportunity “persuader” of the young and, ahem, not so young.

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  7. I have never read about a threesome, in fact this is the first year that I tried BDSM and yes I had to look it up..I am so vanilla!

  8. *GASP* Oh Kim...let me make you a list of some good BDSM/Menage books. ;)