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Review: Rising Assets - Rebecca Zanetti

I have a soft spot for love stories about lifetime friends finally figuring out that they are in love with each other. Ms. Zanetti hit this on the head. I absolutely ate up all of this story.

I loved Melanie and her drive. Dare not get in her way or you will find yourself flat on your back from that speeding MAC truck. I am a fan of headstrong women. I find that a lot of meek and mild women get on my nerves. I, or course, am a take no prisoners type of women so that is who I relate to best. When we meet Melanie, she's working her ass off at three jobs to make ends meat. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to stay afloat. And when her best friend, Colton, finds out that she is working at a bar-wearing a tiny uniform with everything front and center-Melanie doesn't put up with Colt's high handedness. I loved it and all there other back and forth. All that leads up to some steamy scenes for sure.

And Colton. Phew! He's not only smart, he's also a cowboy. Oh, and we can't forget that he is an alpha. YYYUUUUMMMM. Complete panty-dropper package right there. I loved his character. There is nothing I would suggest changing about him. I wanted to climb through the pages and climb him myself. Since Melanie wouldn't take any of his crap and were constantly going back and forth, that was basically some great foreplay for those two. When that man finally got her in bed, the results were explosive!

The story was really great and I need to wait until the next payday but I will be going back and buying the other two in this series. And I am anticipating Hawk's story so, so much. I know there are going to be struggles and lots of mystery-like what exactly happened to him?!?!?! I. Can. Not. Wait!!!

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  1. Aw yay! I love this series from Zanetti. They were the first ones I read of hers and totally hooked me on her books. So glad you enjoyed it! (I'm with ya. Total sucker for those friends to lover stories)