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Review: Lock and Key - Shelli Stevens

Oooooohhhhhh boy! This was by far my favorite of the three books in this series so far. And judging by the length of the other reviews for this series, this one is not going to be short either. Lol.

I have loved Kenzie's playful attitude and great personality. And really, she is doing quite well after an incident 9 years ago that changed her and her family's lives forever. Because of that incident, she hasn't dated since then and really who could with three over-protective brothers anyway? It would be difficult but Kenzie is content to sit back and enjoy life as it is. She knows that she will eventually love again, just not any time soon. But when a man from the Navy, Brett, comes back in her life to take her up on that date she promised him six months ago before he shipped off, she starts feeling as if she could get her feet wet and start her climb back into the dating pool with him. She agrees and they go to Applebees. Yes, Applebees of all places. Talk about a knockout first date right there. But Brett more than impresses her (and a knockout kiss) and Kenzie agrees to a second date. But then Brett never shows up for that date. Fast forward some months later, Kenzie decides to finally go out with another guy. Decides it pathetic to keep thinking about Brett and their one date when he didn't even have the decency to show up for the second. But fate had other plans and threw the two at one another on her first date with a the second guy she's attempted to date since the incident. And when that date turns out to be a selfish jerk her got hammered, Brett decides he was a fool to have let her go and decides he wants to win her back so to speak. I love how things went from here.

I found myself really drawn to Brett. And it's not just because he is a military man (love me a man in uniform!), but he is a great person all around. And sexy. Can't forget to throw that in there. Again. He knew by how Kenzie acted with their first date that there was something more than what meets the eye. He knew something from her past had made her cautious with men and he knew how to approach her. He made her feel comfortable with him and I loved that. Through these three book, I was feeling mighty protective of her myself and felt she was in good hands with Brett. Another thing he had going for him, he was honest wit himself. He knew that if he went on that second date with Kenzie that his life would change and he wouldn't be able to let her go. I loved that he just knew deep down that she was different. I love a man who knows his feelings and is smart enough not to deny it! And when he sees her again after his asinine behavior standing her up, he goes in taking it one day at a time. He was in it all the way before she was.

And OMG! The ending in this one. I know I said the second one had my heart rate going but this one had me freaking out so bad! I wanted to jump in and help her myself. I was eating this book up. I'm pretty sure I read this in one sitting with breaks only to feed my boys. This has been my favorite so far. Now, we have Aleck's book left and I cannot freaking wait! I can tell I'm going to love his struggle with a certain bartender who he is denying feeling for. Now the countdown begins!

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