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Review: Kilty Pleasure - Shelli Stevens

I love a book with a hero who thinks he knows everything and knows best and is basically slapped in the face with reality. At the end of Good Girl Gone Plaid Heather, who played a big part in Ian and Sarah breaking it off in high school, comes by to apologize for her behavior and explains why she did it. Everyone in the family seems to understand and can even forgive her except for Colin. He's actually quite hostile towards her and anytime he sees her tells her to leave, she's not wanted. I will say that I liked Colin up until this point. When he was being openly mean to her like this I wanted to slap the crap out of him. He was being a grade A prick. But then we find out that he was left at the alter and I feel bad for him. Clearly he is still hurting, if just his ego, over what happened. And then, of course, there is the thing with Kenzie that happened years ago that has every member in the family feel protective so Colin is basically guarding his family and his heart. What I wanted to yell at him though was that people can change. Ian and Sarah are prime examples of this.

Hailey starts showing up more and more on the island and this wouldn't be their love story if Colin didn't run into her when she was. And poor Hailey, still feeling guilty after all these years, pretty much took it. At least she did for a while. After a certain point she started snapping back at him which I enjoyed. I like seeing Colin put in his place for his asshattery. And then there is a turning point where Colin gets her to tell him about her past. This changes everything in his eyes and he starts doing a 180 on us. Just like the cover says, there's a thin line between love and hate and Colin is insanely attracted to Hailey (and had been since they were in school) but he had an issue with her screwing over Ian and Sarah's happiness. I was so happy to see him start to respect Hailey. He started redeeming quickly and I just as quickly started eating him up.

What helped transition their relationship from slightly stand-offish to trustful is someone from Hailey's past that won't leave her alone. This is also a skeevy character from the first book who seriously gave me a case of the creeps. He's such a sleezeball. I loved how protective Colin was of Hailey at this point in the story. You can tell that he was in love with her already even though he wouldn't admit it to himself. And the ending...OMG! My heart was in my throat! I'm not going to say more on it because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. This second book at this point confirmed that Shelli is now on my author auto-buy list from now on. I was in there emotionally with all the characters and made me want to be part of their inner circle. Those are always the best books. :)


  1. I've not seen her before but totally think I need to give her a try. That's quite the warning on it. lol How do you think it would work without reading book one first?

  2. I think it can be read as a stand alone. Of course, the first one is great but each be be individual. And she's a new read for me. I've seen her books but have never read them before. Won't make that mistake with her stuff again. Lol.

    And don't you love the warning? I love that Samsung does that with their books.