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Review: Good Girl Gone Plaid - Shelli Stevens

**I apologize for the long review but there were just so many great things to about this story!! :)**

This is the first and certainly not my last Shelli Stevens book. This author has been hiding under my nose for a while and I feel like kicking my own ass. Lol. Good Girl Gone Plaid is a great start to this series.

One of my favorite types of books are the ones where a school crush turns into more down the road. Now this one isn't exactly the typical one where one of the characters is secretly in love with the other. Ian and Sarah went to high school together. Although they weren't in the same grade, they met through Ian's sister who is Sarah's best friend. Having been thrown together on one than more occasion, bad boy Ian and Sarah become close and become boyfriend and girlfriend. Needless to say, Sarah's dad is not a fan of Ian at all and decides to take a transfer to Japan after Sarah is crushed by a betrayal from Ian.

Fast forward eleven years later, Sarah is forced back to Whidbey Island after her grandmother passes. Per her grandmother's will, she must stay in her grandmother's home for a month in order to inherit it so she can sell it so she can let go of the last tie she has on Whidbey Island. She sees Ian though within the first few hours of being home and BAM! The sparks are instantaneous and explosive. Even if it's the hostile kind. :) We find out later that Sarah has a reason to keep Ian at ten arm lengths away. I won't spoil it for you though but it's definitely one that would piss anyone off. But at the same time, I knew why Sarah did what she did. It seemed like it was the only thing to do at the time but it definitely was not the correct way to go about it.

And now that we have some of the basics down. Let's get into the characters. Let's start with Sarah. At first I wasn't really sure what I thought about her. I figured out early on what I thought Sarah's problem was (I was wrong and figured out what was happening soon after) and was just waiting to for the ball to drop on that one. I can honestly say that I didn't particularly care for her at first. I wasn't sure why she couldn't let go of something that had happened in the past so long ago but then it all clicked and I felt for her and her situation. I was beyond happy when she redeemed herself in my eyes. I hate it when I don't click with the main characters. Sarah became someone I could see myself being friends with.

And Ian. Whoo boy, Ian! Irish and Scottish men can melt my panties in a hot second just speaking. Throw in the bad boy angle and my clothes literally disintegrate on their own. Now this bad boy Ian was mainly teenage/college age Ian. Adult Ian is definitely different (throw in a plot twist from the past that had me cringing and wanting to bash someone's head in with a baseball bat) but no less desirable. He never disputes he's not a bad boy and has a criminal record to prove it(Again, that plot twist I mentioned.) even though the reasoning behind it honestly makes me pissed. And we get to see parts of him where he is a softie for a certain set of people that made me turn to a pile of mush. I love tough guys with a gooey center.

Which brings me to secondary characters. OMG. I love the rest of the McLaughlin clan. Especially the men. And Ian has a twin, Colin who is the second book of the series. (Review to follow after this one.) They are also a big part in making this book great. The sense of a united family makes up a great part of the story in my opinion. I am close to my family and love when I read about them in other stories. I wish other families were able to have the same with their siblings and parents. Another big feature in the story is forgiveness. That is really the only way any of these characters are able to work past things. So if you want a bad boy with a heart of gold, a nosey, protective family, and a great story that will keep you reading late into the night, this is definitely one I say go out and get now. And the rest are just a good too!

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