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Quickie: Jealous and Freakin' - Eve Langlais

I love how Eve Langlais can throw in some hot lovin with some great humor. Don't go into one of her books expecting some intense emotional journey. What you get is a great story with lots of laughs.

I loved Francine from the first book. She is a take charge type of woman who knows what she wants (even from a young age) and goes for it. She knows she is Mitchell's mate but he denies it up and down-idiot. Doesn't he know you can't run away from this type of stuff? Francine was getting tired of waiting and then the tall, dark, and sexy Alejandro (Javier's brother from Delicate Freakin' Flower) comes a knockin'. She is definitely drawn to the charismatic stranger but knows she belongs with Mitchell. So she decides to make Mitchell jealous with Alejandro. But Alejandro knew something she didn't...he's also her mate.

I loved the back and forth with all the characters. And man were there times I wanted to NCIS Gibbs slap Mitchell in the head for being so stupid and give in. Lol. Loved this book, love this series! Definite recommendation. :)


  1. She really is a good time. I've got to make some time to go back for the Freakn' books. I read the latest one and really enjoyed it :)

  2. I've only read the first three and want to read the others too. Thankfully I'm finding more time so it makes me happy. :)