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Quickie: How to Seduce a Vampire Without Really Trying (Love at Stake #15) - Kerrelyn Sparks

Forgive me... SSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Sorry. I don't usually get approved to receive Avon books early and I surely have never been able to get one of Kerrelyn's books early! (Ok I lied. I did once when she was at a book signing here and Avon sent some copies of the newest one that was coming out that next week. But I got it from the actual author.) Let me tell you, when I saw that I was approved a month and a half ago I gasped so loud my 4 year old came running asking me what was wrong.

Okay. So this is just a quickie because there is no way I can't write spoilers and just fan girl all over the place so let's get down to the bare bones people. Zoltan. I really wasn't sure if I was going to like him too much. We have seen him through the years but it was never too much. In turn, this is also a good thing because Ms. Sparks was able to mold him into however he needed to be for the story. And he was great. I really loved his character at the end of the story. And O.M.G. Ms. Sparks throws a curveball at the end with him. I was flipping out. And I can't say anything else or I will give it away!

Neona was so lovely. I admit she had me cracking up at the beginning though. She's been taught that men are only good for reproduction so when she first meets Zoltan prepare for a good laugh. But my heart was also cracked for her. She suffered a great loss that I would wish on no one. But, of course, Zoltan was there to help soothe her heart and show her a great love. I really enjoyed watching her journey into love.

I really don't see how Kerrelyn is able to think of all these stories and keep them interesting. That takes some talent for sure. And can't wait to see what she does for the rest of the characters!


  1. Squeeeee away..that is always a good sign that a book is awesome. Have you signed up to try an be an Avon Addict?

  2. I have! I have reviewed more Avon books lately so I'm hoping that will help me. I love their books. Before I started blogging those were the ones I bought when I bought a physical book. Cross your fingers for me Kimba! :)