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Review: Primal Hunger - Sydney Somers

It's been since 2010, when I first got my Kindle, that I've read this series. I want to say the first book was either free or pretty cheap or I could have even splurged and purchased it. However it was discovered, I ended up purchasing the other two in the series because I became obsessed! I was disappointed when I had to wait for the fourth book in the series but I found out a little later that it was put on hold because of personal reasons. I hoped everything was ok and kept checking back. But imagine my surprise when I just found out recently the fourth was released in October of 2013!! And Sydney herself asked if I would like to review it. So I offered to re-read the first three and review the whole series here. So this is where we find ourselves here now, on the second day of our Sydney Somers week. (If you missed it yesterday, we had an exclusive cover reveal here for a novella prequel to her Pendragon Gargoyles series. I even had the privilege of designing it!!!) So enough about my babble and let's get to the good stuff. :)

We are immediately pulled into the story with Kennedy, who is the bartender at Pendragon's which is owned by Tristan and his siblings, threatening to hose down (with the water sprayer behind the bar) the hot to trot Tristan and another patron who were on the way to getting into a fight. I immediately thought, well this is going to be good. I could tell immediately, even through Kennedy's POV, that Tristan is an alpha from the jump so the hose thing took some lady balls on her part. But this event essentially kicked off the madness and heart pounding events of the story. Kennedy is sucked into the enchanting world of paranormal beings she had no clue existed. And she finds that she can no longer ignore the powerful draw she feels towards the mysterious Tristan. But there is danger that is lurking in the shadows, hanging the threat of death over her head. Talk about a downer.

But Tristan is there to do anything he can to keep her safe. Including giving up his chance to unfreeze his brother from his constant gargoyle state. Throw in a bunch of action and some hot lovin', and you've got one guy I totally want at my back...and front. ;) I love a good alpha male but I also love when they are all,"do what I say now woman!" and then the next it's, "you are everything to me." It's enough to turn me to mush in a hot second. I loved how protective he is of Kennedy. And one part of the story had my heart aching for him and wanting to take all his hurts away. I was rooting hard for the two of them! And I was so happy with the outcome!

This story has a ton of action and I loved how the tale of King Arthur and Merlin. My inner history nerd was having a field day with this new spin. It's so creative how everything is woven around some things we know, like the knights of the round table. I just loved it!!

Check back each the rest of the week for the next three reviews!!

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