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Tuesday Jams - #1


I'm participating in my first Tuesday Jams and I'm so excited! The only thing I love more than reading (other than my family and friends of course) is music. I grew up in a musical family. My brothers and dad all play/played instruments while my mom and I sing. In fact, my mother is a classically trained singer. I can hold my own though. ;) Anyway, I have a WIDE range of music that I listen to. My ipod will go from hip-hop to country, then switch to classical then pop and on to a jazz number. I grew up with my parents listening to everything. Music is a big thing in my life and I love it so much!

Alrighty. So I've been getting into more country music lately and found a band I really like. Florida Georgia Line. I LOVE them! And they were kick ass in concert when I saw them this past summer. I can't wait for them to come around again. And I've also been listening to Katey Perry's Dark Horse song and T-Pain's Up Down. They get stuck in my head with the catchy beats.


  1. welcome Crystal! such a awesome array of music! I love it :D

    thanks for joining!

  2. Thanks! I'm excited to participate. :)

  3. Great mix!! I just <3 Florida Georgia Line. Glad to see you join in on the feature! I took a few weeks off, but I found my way back :)

  4. This is awesome. Is saw it a few weeks on Heading Cats and finally decided to do it. I can't wait till next week!