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Tour/Giveaway: You Really Got Me by Kelly Jamieson

Guest Post:

Thank you so much for having me here today to talk about my latest release, You Really Got Me. First of all, I have to give a warning: for readers who found me and my books through Rule of Three, or my Heller brothers hockey series — this book is different!

This is my first BDSM book in quite some time. For anyone who isn’t familiar with my BDSM books, my tag line “Romance with sweet heat” still applies! They’re romantic (and romance means a happy ever after), they’re sweet and they’re hot.
For those of you reading this who don’t read BDSM stories, let me assure you that all my books are very romantic, very emotional and very sensual stories even if there are scenes involving light bondage, domination, submission and yes, some ventures into mild sadism and masochism. When my characters have sadistic tendencies, they’re not sadistic just because it gives them pleasure to hurt someone. They’re definitely not cruel. Their pleasure comes from knowing that their partner needs, wants, even craves sensation, and that in giving it to her, they’re giving her pleasure, too. (I say her, because my submissives have always been female.)

In a BDSM relationship, trust is so very important. This is true in any relationship, but when a submissive lets a Dom physically restrain her, she really needs to trust him. Her safety and very life could be in his hands. Being bound makes someone very vulnerable, as they give up all control.

In You Really Got Me, both submissive and Dom struggle with issues around trust. Kendall has a hard time letting go. She carries a burden of guilt around with her and a weight of responsibility. And Jason is worried about whether he can be trusted. In his past, he came face to face with an abusive relationship that ended with the death of his sister. He too carries a burden of guilt, and questions his dominance and what makes him different from an abuser.

Through their BDSM relationship, Kendall learns to let go, to trust someone else with her body…and her heart. And when Kendall gives Jason her ultimate trust, he begins to feel worthy of that trust and begins to trust himself.
I enjoy writing these types of stories because of the powerful journey of self-discovery the characters take, and in You Really Got Me, Kendall and Jason do go on a powerful journey that is worth it in the end.

Author Bio:

Kelly Jamieson is a best-selling author of over twenty-five romance novels and novellas. Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”.



“Want something to drink?”

“Um. Sure.”

He descended to his kitchen and returned with two beers. He handed her one and slid back into bed, propping pillows behind them, one arm around her. Keeping the conversation carefully off his past, they talked about his house, his neighbor, the weather. When he pressed kisses over her skin anywhere he could reach, her shoulder, the side of her neck, breathing in her scent, she giggled.

It was a sound he hadn’t heard enough of from her. He liked it. He tipped her chin up. “What’s so funny?”

She slanted a grin at him over her shoulder. “Your mouth is cold. And the beers reminded me of an old joke.”

He lifted one eyebrow, smiling back at her, delighted by her amusement.

“How you impress a woman,” she continued. “By complimenting her, kissing her, cuddling her. Send her flowers, hold her, wine her and dine her.”

“Uh huh.” He waited.

“And how you impress a man is―show up naked…with beer.”

He laughed. “Hmm. Works for me.”

Her eyes widened. “Hey. I have a case of wine in the trunk of my car.”

He grinned and stroked a strand of hair off her face. “Why do you have a case of wine in your trunk?”

“I don’t even remember now. But I’ll go get a bottle. It’s a really nice Cabernet Franc. I can give you a wine tasting lesson. Naked.” She shot him a sexy smile as he watched her roll out of bed and reach for her clothes.

He loved that idea.

“Don’t get dressed,” he said, following her out of bed. “I’ll go get the wine.”

So she grabbed his shirt instead of her own clothes and he stepped into a pair of loose sweat pants. In his shirt, big and loose on her slender frame, her hair tangled around her shoulders, lips kiss-swollen and eyes smudgy, she looked so goddamn sexy he wanted to tackle her and throw her back onto the bed and tie her up forever. Instead, he led the way down to his kitchen where her purse sat on the counter. She handed him the keys to her car with a smile and waited at the door as he retrieved the bottle.

He held it up as he came back into the kitchen. “I don’t have wine, but I do have wine glasses.” He opened the cupboard and pulled out two stemmed glasses.

“A corkscrew?” she asked, peeling off the wrapping on the top of the bottle. He pulled that out of a drawer too, and she handed the wine to him.

He let her pour the wine into the glasses, a deep ruby-plum color. She gave the glass a small, expert swirl, held it to her nose, then sipped it.

“You’re not going to spit it out, are you?” he asked. He didn’t know much about wine, but seemed to remember that tasting wine didn’t involve swallowing it.

“No, I’m not going to spit it out.” She gave him a flirty smile. “I’d rather swallow than spit.”

Jesus, Kendall Vioget had just made a dirty joke, with enough innuendo that his balls tightened.


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  1. This sounds like a good book! I like that he is a cop, they always seem to have that bit of a Dom streak that makes it extra spicy. This is a new to me author, but I'm already checking out her backlist on Goodreads. Great guest spot and excerpt!

  2. I've read one book of hers but wasn't too crazy over it. But I have heard that her other stuff is really good. Now I'm just waiting on some extra cash so I can buy a few.